Welcome to xarray-simlab-ode’s documentation!

Xarray-simlab-ode provides the xso framework for building and solving models based on ordinary differential equations (ODEs), an extension of xarray-simlab.

Xarray-simlab provides a generic framework for building computational models in a modular fashion and a xarray extension for setting and running simulations using xarray’s Dataset structure.

Xarray-simlab-ode (XSO) extends the Xarray-simlab framework with a set of variables, processes and a solver backend, suited towards ODE-based models. It is designed for flexible, interactive and reproducible modeling workflows.


This project is in the early stages of development.

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The package is in the early stages of development. Feedback from testing and contributions are very welcome. See GitHub Issues for existing issues, or raise your own. Code contributions can be made via Pull Requests on GitHub. Check out the [contributing guidelines](contributing) for more information.


xarray-simlab-ode was created by Benjamin Post. It is licensed open source under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause license.


Xarray-simlab-ode is an extension of xarray-simlab, created by Benoît Bovy.